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Saturday, October 16, 2010

November and December 2008

 Corben and Dustin. . .nice purse Corben!  Dustin looks absolutely baffled at why Corben is passing out on his shoulder!  ;)

 Nikki and I at the Renaissance Festival with one huge barbarian looking guy!

 The flowers Joe brought me for our anniversary!

 Itsa mea!
 The Exacalibur in Vegas . . . our abode for the weekend!

 Joe and I in front of the M&M store in Vegas

 Dustin and Joe checking out the M&M car

 zeeeeee Eiffel Tower

 Our hotel lit up at night
 Me all dressed up and ready to go to the Chris Angel show in Vegas

 haha. . . I love this pic. . .the General STO. . .

 Light show on Freemont St.

 Kam and Bethany on Christmas Eve

 Kamryn, Corben, Chloe and Bethany

 Kam, Bethany, Chloe

 geeeeeeez Aunt Jodi, how much tape did you use??? ;)

 Kam in the hat and scarf from Aunt Jodi

 Corben, Kamryn, Bethany, Courtney

 Corben, Kamryn, Bethany, Chloe, Courtney

 Chloe and Grandma Jo

 Chloe (in Kam's hat and scarf) and Kam

 Zach, Chloe, Kam, Bethany, Corben and Courtney

 Uh OH!  Chloe fell down!  She was way more concerned with the mud than she was with the blood tho!

 Kam getting whittling tips from Pawpaw

 Kam and Pawpaw. . .love this pic. . .don't know why ;)

 Joe in Kam's hat and scarf ;)  AND he is smiling in a picture !!!

 Chloe, Nana and Kam

 Dad in Kam's hat and scarf!  This gift made the rounds!


 Aiden, Luis, Nikki, Corben and Dustin. . .time for some Rock Band on the PS!

 Chloe and Aiden. . .lookin for trouble. . .
 Aiden!!!  Love this boy's smile!

 I can just hear the unspoken conversation. . .Chloe "Aiden, do you want to play connect 4?" . . .Aiden "No, let's play Monopoly" ;)

 Joe giving some love to his amigo Dustin. . . Dustin looking like he does NOT want to receive that kiss!

Me and Nikki

October 2008

 Chloe and Karlee hanging out at Kristi's surprise birthday party!

 Chloe ready to cheer for Corben's football team!


 Corben, Chloe and Klint (son of friends Chuck and Tori)

 ImPoRtAnT phone call!

 Our pumpkins!

 pumpkin. . . seat. . . whatever works!

 Chloe. .. supervising pumpkin carving ;)


 our jack-o-lanterns!  from left to right. . . Corben, Sasha, Joe, Kamryn!

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch in Lake Jackson!

Kristi and Zane